Interchangeable Snapback Hats. The future of headwear is here.

Introducing the Strap Hat. An evolved snapback hat that allows you to adapt your cap. Enjoy style freedom! If your looking to color pop with a pair of sneakers or simply change the aesthetic of your outfit the “Timeless” CAPsule Collection from Chronology Clothing is your go to.

Watch this 44 second strap hat launch video. Discover the styling options you’ve been missing out on.

With the Strap Hat you no longer just have one festival hat and one going “Out Out” hat. You now have a hat that has options, that you can easily adapt to your environment. New straps come out on the regular, and we will be launching our artist collaboration series in near future.  Stay tuned.  Discover some fresh hat and strap combos below.

Grey Strap Hat | Chronology Headwear | Interchangeable Snapbacks

The collection is built with a strong staple color palette making each hat a canvas for you to work with. The Wolf Grey Strap Hat is a killer canvas, seen above worn by Anita Alam.

Black Strap Hat X Yellow Strap / Chronology Headwear

The strap options for the Chronology Strap Hat will continue to grow. There is a great variety of materials, colors, and styles already available. In the photo above  Colin Ryan is sporting the Black Onyx Strap Hat with the Caution Yellow Strap in a experimental smoke bomb photoshoot we will be sure to write about in the future.


The Black Onyx Strap Hat X  Black Mesh Layered Strap (Unreleased). Honestly one of my personal favorites straps. Check out this hat and strap pairing in this past weeks #tuesdayshoesday

Grey and Maroon combo high fashion streetwear look

The Grey Wolf Strap Hat with the Muted Oxblood Strap. If I had one word to describe this combo it would be “REDRUM”

Visual Story for Chronology Headwear | Grey Snapback X Floral Strap

The Paradise Floral Strap has been crowd favorite since it was released. The Floral pops with any hat in the “Timeless” Capsule Collection. Justin Leonard rocking the combo above in a little visual story we created, this combo along with gear can be found at Jax and Debb.

Fresh Grey Strap Hat | Caution Yellow Strap | Interchangeable Headwear

Grey Wolf Strap Hat X Caution Yellow Strap

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Chronology Clothing's Official Instagram | Snapback hats | Strap hats | Headwear


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