Chronology Clothing Hits First-Ever ComplexCon 2016


We hit ComplexCon 2016!  Just for fun.  Just to see how it feels.  And it was so dope.  I’ve never been surrounded by 100% of the hypest hypebeasts and hypebaes for an entire day.  It’s an overwhelming feeling to be honest.  We passed out Chronology Clothing promo cards and gave out a ComplexCon exclusive discount code for online purchases.  If you missed it, you messed up!


My favorite sneakers were these Adidas NMD X moccasin customs.  The 24K gold Ultra Boost soles are a close 2nd though.


Also, about half of Blitz’ INSANE sneaker collection was on display.  Every dope sneaker you can imagine was sitting on the shelves there.


Fatty Cap’n Crunch and the enormous NBA stars figures made quite a statement.  Just $10,000 a pop.  I’d love to have the Cap’n chillin in my living room.


The art galleries included streetwear and street life style art.  40 oz of honey anyone?


This dreamcatcher may be my favorite thing at ComplexCon.  It’s genius and I love the concept.


Nike.  Showcasing their newest Air Force 1’s.


And we can’t forget all the dope whips!  Lambos, Porsches, Ferraris, and some cars I’ve never even heard of.  Clean.


Travis $cott’s BAPE camo-wrapped Lambo.


Undefeated X Anti Social Social Club’s camo-wrapped Porsche GT3.


French Montana at the Atelier New Regime booth scoping out the fresh threads.


Lil Yachty made us repeat the words “Lil Boat” after him about 1,000 times during his set.  I’ve also never seen so many water bottles thrown into the crowd – full, unopened water bottles, hurled to the ceiling practically, to fall on his fans.  Lol I don’t believe I heard any reports of injury.


And Chief Keef killed it.


The Beats by Dre lounge area looked pretty chill.  All white everything – furniture, palm trees, the ground, everything.  Clean.


I scooped up some ComplexCon exclusives, including some PINTRILL pins, STANCE “2Pac” socks, and a BAIT desktop Marty McFly hoverboard.


Everett Orian

Strap Hat & Sneaker Addict, Chief Operations Officer

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